How to Use LinkedIn® as the Best Sales Tool Ever Invented

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About This Course:
Generating and managing leads using LinkedIn® yields increased revenue.

Learn how to use this networking tool in a way unlike your competition. LinkedIn® is the world's best business networking platform with more than 330,000,000 users.

Many salespeople are looking for ways to increase their prospecting and sales effectiveness by using social networking tools. In a more competitive and fast-paced sales environment, it's becoming harder to connect with quality prospects and sales opportunities. LinkedIn® is a tremendous business development, sales management and revenue generation tool.

This exciting live webinar will teach you why LinkedIn® should be a strategic component of your business. You will learn how to create robust profiles that highlight you and your business, as well as identify and connect with prospective clients, customers, networking partners and strategic alliances.

Methods of communicating with millions of people that result in greater visibility for you and your business will be discussed. We will show you how to showcase your credibility and add value to your network, and teach you the art of building and converting online relationships into offline business, which leads to long-term success and revenue growth.

At the end of the day, long-term business success has always been and always will be about relationships. Whether online or offline, people are the same, only the technology changes. This exciting live webinar will equip you with an understanding of the strategies and methodologies used to leverage this amazing sales tool.

This webinar will utilize GoToWebinar®, an internet active tool which allows the speaker to walk through examples in real time. This will be the best way to follow along with the program and a link will be provided for you prior to the program date.


How to Optimize Your LinkedIn® Profile to Increase Your Sales
  • Strategies for Increasing Your LinkedIn® Ranking
  • Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader in Your Industry
  • Maximizing Your Summary and Recommendations
How to Strategically Add Connections That Lead to Business
  • Best Connection Practices
  • Converting Contacts Into Relationships
  • Merging Your CRM System With Your LinkedIn® Account
How to Use the Advanced Search, Groups, Companies, and Status Updates for Prospecting
  • Leveraging LinkedIn® to Gain Access to Hard-To-Reach Prospects
  • How to Have Prospects Seek You out Instead of Endless Cold Calling
  • Methods of Communicating With Large Numbers of People in a Nonstalker-Like Fashion
About The Presenters

Kevin Knebl
  • CEO of Knebl Communications, LLC, The Social Selling and Relationship Marketing Professional Services Firm™
  • Co-wrote “The Social Media Sales Revolution: The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking” (McGraw-Hill) and contributing writer of “Learn Marketing with Social Media in 7 Days” (Wiley-Australia)
  • More than 1600 individual recommendations on his LinkedIn® profile, more than any of the other 330,000,000 LinkedIn® users
  • Recognized as a LinkedIn® authority, and has trained tens of thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations on the most profitable uses of LinkedIn® since 2004
  • Kevin is an in-demand, leading authority on social media for sales, relationship marketing, LinkedIn® and Twitter® with a healthy dose of personal development and humor blended in for conferences, conventions, company trainings and many other events
  • Originally a professional pianist in the New York area, he transitioned to a career in sales and soon discovered that the interpersonal and relational skills that he used in the arts applied just as well to sales
  • After three years, he was the top salesperson for an international consulting company with more than 300 salespeople and offices in 11 countries
How to Use LinkedIn® as the Best Sales Tool Ever Invented
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