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Purchase Order Fundamentals

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Purchase order fundamentals is a web-based training experience covering the operations of a procurement office and how purchase order systems are used.

The topics covered will give you an understanding of purchasing processes and how to avoid common mistakes.


The Benefit in Using a Purchase Order System

  • A Purchase Order Is a Contract
  • Creating a Purchase Requisition
  • Maintaining a Vendor Data Base
  • Maintaining Internal Account Records
  • Receiving Merchandise
  • Payment of Invoices
  • Tracking the Process Using a Computer
  • Keeping Records for Future Use
Types of Information to Include on the Purchase Order
  • Vendor Record Information
  • Delivery and Contact Information
  • Product or Service Description
  • Basic Contract Information
  • Freight Terms
  • Delivery Dates
  • Payment Terms
  • Coding for Accounting
  • Information for Property/Asset Tracking
  • References to Your Terms and Conditions
  • Authorized Signature of Agent
Types of Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Order for Commodities
  • Purchase Orders for Services
  • Blanket or Standing Purchase Orders
  • Confirming Purchase Orders
  • Reimbursements
  • No Order Payments
  • Procurement Card Orders
  • Online Electronic Orders
Purchase Order Pitfalls

  • Ordering Outside the Purchase Order Process
  • Vendor Quotes
  • Conflicting Terms
  • Timeliness of Ordering
  • Managing Paper
  • Decentralized vs. Centralized Processes
  • Proof Reading the Document
  • Tracking Order Delivery
  • Approval Layers
  • Internal Controls
  • Cost of Processing

Kenneth M. Jones
  • Special assistant of institutional services, University at Albany, SUNY
  • Supervise and train purchasing professionals in government, educational and nonprofit purchasing
  • More than 25 years of direct procurement experience that includes all aspects of procuring services, commodities, construction and construction services using formal bids, request for proposals, establishing contracts and monitoring vendor performance in a decentralized environment
  • Conducts regular seminars and workshops on public procurement and related topics
  • Experienced in working with the implementation and development of large and local procurement systems
  • Experienced in developing strategic sourcing models and improved procurement practices
  • Served on the board of directors of the State University of New York Purchasing Association
  • Attended various workshops and training events including those provided by Dale Carnegie, SUNY, the NYS Comptroller, NYS Office of General Services and many others

Cannot Attend The Live Presentation?

This presentation is also available in a recorded format, in CD version, as shown in the pricing options below.

About Webcasts / Audio Conferences / Podcasts:

Webcasts, audio conferences, and podcasts are presentations that you attend via the Internet, phone, or mobile device at a specified date and time for "live" versions, or at your convenience for "recorded" and "On-Demand" versions.

The live versions are interactive, meaning that participants can ask questions in real time, plus are a very cost-effective form of training because 1) you receive fast, convenient learning without any out-of-office time; 2) you can invite as many colleagues as you'd like to listen in on a single phone line; 3) you incur no travel expenses; and 4) you and your colleagues are back at work immediately after the session ends!

And though with recorded versions you do lose the ability to ask questions, you gain the ability to hear the presentation numerous times and to share it with others in your office.

Handout materials and the phone number for live presentations are made available to you prior to the event via email from the presenter and from the "MyAccount" link on the menu bar. Copies of the presentations are included with recorded versions.

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