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76 Ways to Maximize Expense Account Deductions

Format: Self-Study Course

Surprisingly, the IRS' attempt to "reform" travel and entertainment practices has left the door wide open to many tax shelters. Get the 32-page special report that details every available loophole and how your clients can safely take advantage of each.

There is no need to add to your tax bill by missing deductions or incurring unnecessary T&E expenses...not when the comprehensive guide — 76 Ways to Maximize Expense Account Deductions — is now available for you to own.

Introduction: Making Your T&E Deductions Stick

Section I: What Is and Is Not Deductible

Travel Expenses

  • Travel expenses in pursuit of a trade or business
  • Travel expenses and income production
  • Investment seminars and conventions
  • Travel as a form of education
  • Expenses to seek new employment
  • New business location
  • Seeking foreign markets for existing products

Meals and Lodging While Traveling

  • Defining 'home' for travel purposes
  • Two places of business
  • Salesperson's 'tax home'
  • Temporary assignments
  • Indefinite assignments
  • Requirement of overnight travel
  • Domestic travel for business and pleasure
  • Saturday night stay-over rule
  • Travel expenses for spouse or other family members
  • Foreign business trips
  • Foreign combined business-pleasure trips
  • Limits on luxury water travel
  • Train travel versus air travel
  • Cost of local travel
  • Commuting expenses

Cost of Operating and Maintaining Business Vehicles

  • Personal and business use of a car
  • Standard mileage rates
  • Use of standard mileage rates
  • Standard rate for alternating use of two cars
  • Mileage and reimbursements
  • Deductible nonbusiness car expenses
  • Cost of traffic violations
  • Claim bigger deductions for 'heavy' SUVs, pickups and vans


  • Ordinary versus lavish entertainment expenses
  • Entertaining at home
  • The 50 percent rule
  • Who can be entertained?
  • Entertainment directly related to trade or business
  • Entertainment in a clear business setting
  • Entertainment associated with a trade or business
  • Defining a business discussion
  • Goodwill entertaining

Yachts, Vacation Resorts and Other Entertainment Facilities

  • Deductions for sky boxes
  • Meals while on travel status
  • Business program lunches or dinners
  • Company-provided meals
  • Employee activities
  • Director, stockholder or employee meetings
  • Trade association meetings
  • Expenses for spouses
  • Reciprocal entertaining

Business Gifts As Deductible Expenses

  • When the $25 limit doesn't apply

Claiming and Proving T&E Deductions

  • Expense allowances and reimbursements
  • T&E checklist
  • Benefits of adequate accounting
  • What is adequate accounting?
  • Adequate accounting for mileage allowance
  • Adequate per diem accounting
  • Allowances for related employees
  • Employer controls for adequate accounting
  • Ensuring unreimbursed outlay is necessary
  • Closely held corporations

Section II: Backup Records to Support Your Deductions

Substantiation Rules for T&E and Listed Property

  • Proving travel expenses
  • Proving entertainment expenses
  • Proving business gift expenses
  • Keeping a diary, account book or other record
  • Timely records
  • When documentary evidence is required
  • Confidential information
  • Entertaining large and small groups
  • Employer's records and supporting documents
  • Form of records
  • Establishing amount of expenditure
  • Retention of records and receipts
  • Factors that must be proved to substantiate expenditures
  • Recordkeeping rules for local transportation expenses

Disallowance of Deductions

  • How disallowed T&E expenses cause trouble
  • Civil and criminal penalties


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  • Win new clients
  • Spend less time staying up to date on new tax laws
  • Build your reputation as a tax strategist, not just a tax preparer
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