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Detecting Fraud In Organizations

Format: Self-Study Course
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Detecting Fraud In Organizations

This course explains the process of how people commit fraud, as well as how to prevent and stop fraud from occurring in your organization.

Organized by business processes which succinctly describe how fraud manifests itself on a daily basis, this course explains ways in which everyone can help guard against fraud by familiarizing themselves with its building blocks and methods used to perpetrate and conceal it.

The price of fraud can be devastating to your business. Detecting Fraud in Organizations equips you and others in your organization with essential information and tools necessary to proactively catch fraud, reduce losses, improve efficiencies and develop actionable controls.

Course Overview

  • Understanding Fraud: What Is Fraud, and Why Does It Continue to Happen?
  • Fraud Detection Approaches
  • Deciding to Commit Fraud: What Is the "Something" That Coerces People to Cross the Line?
  • How to Act Like a Fraudster: To Catch a Fraudster, You Need to Think Like One
  • The Dynamics of Business: Everything Is Related—from People to Processes to Outside Influences
  • Understanding the Accounting Process
  • It All Comes Down to Cash
  • Handy Tips and Quick Checklists for Reference
Course Materials

Upon ordering, you will receive the text material via USPS Priority Mail, generally within 3-4 days; overnight delivery is available for an additional charge. This complete CPE course includes:
  • Textbook - written by experts in their field and will make a great addition to your personal reference library!
  • Interactive Study Guide
  • Test Booklet and Answer Sheet
  • Log-on instructions for the taking the Certification Exam online.
Exam Format

The test includes 5 True/False or multiple choice questions for each CPE credit offered (for example, a CPE test worth 20 credits would include 100 questions). A score of 70% or better is required to pass this course; there is no limit to the number of times you may take the exam in order to pass.

After you have completed reviewing the text material, you may take your exam in one of two convenient formats:
  • Test Booklet/Answer Sheet - read the textbook, record the answers to the test questions on the answer sheet and then return the answer sheet to us. You may either fax it or simply mail it in.
  • Online Testing – log in and take your exam in an untimed, online format (the online questions are the same as those in your testing booklet) - your exam will be graded instantly! Most students fill out the answer sheet as they read through the book, and then transfer their answer sheet online.
CPE Certification

When you successfully complete the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion indicating the course title and how many credit hours you earned.
  • Students who take the examination online will receive their score instantly. Students who mail/fax in their answer sheet will receive results within 1 business day of receipt of the exam. Certificates are delivered via email within 1 business day of a passing grade.

Course Summary

Program Type: This is an interactive, self-study CPE course:

Program level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None required
Minimum final examination passing grade: 70%
Maximum time allowed to complete the program: One year from date of purchase

NASBA sponsor number: 109546
QAS sponsor number: 076

Licenses / Designations / Educational Credits:CPE
Alabama: 15
Alaska: 15
Arizona: 15
California: 15
Connecticut: 15
DC: 15
Delaware: 15
Georgia: 15
Hawaii: 15
Idaho: 15
Illinois: 15
Indiana: 15
Iowa: 15
Kentucky: 15
Louisiana: 15
Maine: 15
Maryland: 15
Massachusetts: 15
Michigan: 15
Missouri: 15
Nebraska: 15
Nevada: 15
New Hampshire: 15
New Mexico: 15
New York: 15
North Carolina: 15
North Dakota: 15
Ohio: 15
Oklahoma: 15
Pennsylvania: 15
Rhode Island: 15
South Dakota: 15
Texas: 15
Utah: 15
Vermont: 15
Virginia: 15
Washington: 15
Wisconsin: 15
Wyoming: 15
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All of our courses are approved by NASBA. Many states that do not require specific state sponsor approval or registration will require or recognize CPE from NASBA sponsors.

When you order a course from Pony Express CPE, you will receive a textbook along with a separate booklet containing the study guide and exam. You may use the printed answer sheet for the exam, or you have the option to take the exam online. Faxed answer sheets are graded within 2-3 business days. Online exams are graded instantly.
Price: $150.00
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