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Course/Product Description

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Format: Self-Study Course

Get control of your e-mail by learning how to master the program in our Outlook 2007 training course that will enhance your computer knowledge tenfold.

While it's true that e-mail can make communication more efficient, it's also true that the volume of messages can get overwhelming quickly. And, too much e-mail can make you feel out of control, which is where our course comes into help.

Our certified subject matter experts will teach you the ins and outs of using the updated version of Outlook and help you gain control of your inbox so that you never have to struggle with unwanted messages again.

Basic Course Outline

1.0 Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook 2007

1.1 Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook

2.0 Email Basics

2.1 Setting up an Email Account
2.2 Working with Email Messages

3.0 Creating and Sending Simple Email Messages

3.1 Using Spell Check
3.2 Properly Addressing Email Messages
3.3 Formatting Email Messages
3.4 Attaching Files to Messages
3.5 Forwarding and Replying to Email
3.6 Printing and Deleting Messages

4.0 Managing Your Emails

4.1 Setting Message Options
4.2 Handling Junk Mail
4.3 Moving and Copying Messages to Folders
4.4 Searching Folders
4.5 Deleting Folders
4.6 Opening and Saving Attachments
4.7 Flagging Messages

5.0 Contact Management

5.1 Using Outlook for Managing Contacts
5.2 Editing Outlook Contacts
5.3 Navigating the Address Book
5.4 Using Distribution Lists
5.5 Deleting Contacts
5.6 Using Electronic Business Cards
5.7 Creating New Messages with the Address Book

6.0 Working with Tasks

6.1 Using the Outlook Task List
6.2 Editing and Updating Tasks

7.0 Working with Appointments and Events

7.1 Exploring the Outlook Calendar
7.2 Creating Appointments
7.3 Adding Categories to Outlook Items
7.4 Editing a Calendar Item

8.0 Working with Meeting Requests and Responses

8.1 Working with Meetings in Outlook
8.2 Managing Meeting Responses

9.0 Working with Notes

9.1 Using Notes in Outlook

Intermediate Course Outline

1.0 Customizing MS Outlook 2007

1.1 Exploring the Outlook Environment
1.2 Working with Groups and Shortcuts
1.3 Using the Address Book
1.4 Setting Options in the Calendar
1.5 Setting up Work Days and Times
1.6 Showing Additional Time Zones
1.7 Setting up Availability Options

2.0 Customizing Messages

2.1 Customizing Message Appearance
2.2 Setting up Message Signatures
2.3 Modifying Additional Message Options
2.4 Sending Messages with Voting Options
2.5 Setting up an Out of Office Message
2.6 Creating Mailing Groups

3.0 Organization

3.1 Using Instant and Advanced Search
3.2 Sorting Messages and Customizing Views
3.3 Organizing Messages
3.4 Categorizing Outlook Items
3.5 Working with Personal Folders
3.6 Setting Rules in Outlook
3.7 Working with Junk Email
3.8 Using Public Folders
3.9 Working in Offline Mode
3.10 Working with Shared Calendars

4.0 Using the Journal

4.1 Recording Journal Entries Automatically
4.2 Recording Journal Entries Manually
4.3 Setting Journal Options

5.0 Managing Tasks

5.1 Working with Tasks

6.0 Customizing Outlook's Environment

6.1 Customizing Outlook's Toolbar
6.2 Creating New Custom Menus
6.3 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
6.4 Creating a Folder Home Page

Advanced Course Outline

1.0 Working with Mailbox

1.1 Creating and Managing DataFiles
1.2 Using Stationary and Themes
1.3 Encrypting Your Messages

2.0 Organizing Outlook Items

2.1 Grouping Outlook Items
2.2 Creating Search Folders
2.3 Moving Mail Between Folders
2.4 Applying Conditional Formatting

3.0 Overview of the Notes and Journal

3.1 Using the Notes Folder
3.2 Exploring the Journal Folder

4.0 Calendar and Contacts

4.1 Examining the Calendar
4.2 Contacts Folder Overview
4.3 Working with Electronic Business Cards
4.4 Sending Electronic Business Cards
4.5 Adding an Electronic Business Card as a
4.6 Exporting Contacts
4.7 Linking Specific Items to Contact

5.0 Outlook's Collaboration Features

5.1 Sharing Outlook Components
5.2 Using RSS Feeds

6.0 Templates and Forms

6.1 Working with Templates
6.2 Working with Forms

7.0 Saving and Archiving Emails

7.1 Saving Messages in Various Formats
7.2 Archiving Messages
7.3 Protecting Personal Folders

8.0 How to Work Offline and Remotely

8.1 Creating Offline Folder Files
8.2 Using RPC over HTTP

9.0 Synchronizing with Outlook

9.1 Categorizing Contact Name in MS Outlook
9.2 Synchronizing with MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2007 CBT Training Videos
You never have to miss class or work with our Outlook 2007 training CD that is learned on your computer's desktop, allowing you're the freedom to learn in the comforts of your own home or office.

Fast learners can speed through sections while slower learners can take their sweet time in our self-study Outlook 2007 computer based training course. Forget about traditional schooling methods when taking our computer based training program today!

About The Provider: K Alliance provides computer based training (CBT) and online computer training videos.

We offer a complete e-learning solution in the form of either dvd, CD, intranet, or online training video courseware.

Our self-paced computer training videos include hundreds of choices in topics such as IT Training, Certification Training, Desktop Office and Soft Skills. No matter which method you prefer, K Alliance has courses to help you achieve your elearning goals.
Price: $149.00
More Info: Contact Us For More Information
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