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Course/Product Description

Adobe Illustrator CS4

Format: Self-Study Course

Whether you need to learn Illustrator from start to finish or simply want to try out and master the new features, the Adobe Illustrator CS4 training course will help you reach your training goals!

Taught by certified instructors who have already mastered the program's new features and enhancements, our course will teach you everything there is to know about the latest version of the program so that you do not have to spend tons of time trying to learn it all on your own.

Forget about having to pay lots of money for classes since our course provides you with the most cost-effective option for training.

Illustrator CS4 Basic Course Contents

Reviewing the Workspace

  • Reviewing What's New
  • Reviewing the Tool Bar
  • Browsing the Menus
  • Managing Windows
  • Configuring Preferences and Settings

Getting Started

  • Creating or Opening a File
  • Placing Files
  • Working with Multiple Artboards
  • Including File Information
  • Editing Document Setup

Performing Illustrator Basics

  • Using Rulers and Guides
  • Selecting Objects
  • Changing Views
  • Drawing a Line
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Color
  • Adding a Gradient

Working with Shapes

  • Creating Circles and Stars
  • Creating Rectangles and Polygons
  • Using Snapping and Aligning
  • Editing Shapes

Transforming Tools

  • Scaling and Shearing
  • Reflecting and Rotating
  • Using Scissors and Slicing
  • Arranging Items

Saving and Printing

  • Saving a File
  • Saving for Web
  • Exporting a File
  • Printing a File

Managing Text

  • Placing Text from Another Document
  • Managing Type
  • Adding Text Effects
  • Creating Dynamic Text

Illustrator CS4 Advanced Course Contents

1.0 Managing Color

  • Managing Fill and Transparency
  • Managing Gradients
  • Working with Strokes
  • Managing Swatches
  • Reviewing the Live Tools

2.0 Working with Tools

  • Using the Magic Wand and Lasso
  • Working with the Brushes
  • Using the Pencil
  • Reviewing Warping and Free Transforming
  • Reviewing Symbol Spraying and Column
  • Reviewing Mesh and Blending
  • Editing Paths

3.0 Mastering the Pen Tool

  • Creating a Straight-Edged Shape
  • Creating Curves
  • Managing Points
  • Editing Shapes

4.0 Beyond the Basics

  • Working with Layers
  • Working with Compound Paths
  • Dividing and Uniting
  • Working with Blends
  • Working with Masks
  • Managing Symbols
  • Adding 3D Effects
  • Reviewing Filters and Effects
  • Reviewing Styles

5.0 Advanced Saving and Printing Options

  • Saving in a Previous Version
  • EPS vs AI vs PDF
  • Creating Outlines
  • Trimming, Bleeding and Cropping
  • Exporting to Other Applications
  • Creating Flash Animations
  • Exporting Flash Animations

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Training Videos on DVD

Our self-study Illustrator CS4 CBT course includes interactive content, demonstrations, simulations and quizzes and assessments to track and monitor your progress within our course.

With our Illustrator CS4 training DVD, all you need to do is turn on your computer and begin your learning experience since all learning is done on your desktop.

By being able to control your learning, you can learn what you need to learn without wasting time going over the topics you already know making you the one true boss in charge of your learning journey when taking our dynamic self-paced Illustrator CS4 computer based training course.

Note: All over night orders must be placed by 2pm Eastern time or they will be processed the following business day.

About The Provider: K Alliance provides computer based training (CBT) and online computer training videos.

We offer a complete e-learning solution in the form of either dvd, CD, intranet, or online training video courseware.

Our self-paced computer training videos include hundreds of choices in topics such as IT Training, Certification Training, Desktop Office and Soft Skills. No matter which method you prefer, K Alliance has courses to help you achieve your elearning goals.
Price: $149.00
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