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Course/Product Description

Financial Literacy 101

Format: Online Training Course

Financial mastery is like a puzzle - it's only possible when you have all the pieces in hand, and know how to fit them together in the right order.

Financial Literacy 101 will teach you important financial concepts about spending, savings, credit and taxes and show you how to apply those principles in a systematic order that will provide a solid foundation for financial success.


  • Gain the skills you need to master your finances.
  • Achieve financial freedom and security.
  • Learn to control your spending and power down your debt.
Session 1
  • Section A: Breaking the Financial Barriers
    • Introduction
    • How Money is Processed
  • Section B: Spending is Emotional
    • Oranges or Numbers
    • Why Do We Spend?
  • Section C: Money Mastery Software
    • Financial Worksheet
    • The Spending Planner
    • Spending Categories
    • Balancing
  • Section D: Working Your Plan
    • His and Her Assignments
    • Getting it Right
    • Sticking to It
    • Anyone Can Do It!
  • Section E: Tracking Your Money
    • The Spending Master Booklet
    • Tracking Games
    • Rewards of Tracking
    • Hints for Successful Tracking
    • The Money Mastery Promise
  • Section F: Savings is Delayed Spending
    • Delayed Spending
    • Saving Categories - Emergency
    • Saving Categories - Emotional
    • Saving Categories - Long Term
Session 2
  • Section A: Understanding Credit
    • Introduction
    • The Negative Effect of Debt
  • Section B: Power Down Debt
    • Powering Down
    • Prioritizing Your Debts
    • Real Debt Report
    • Get Out of Debt Report
  • Section C: Principles of Power
    • Winning the Battle
    • Applying the Principles
  • Section D: Establishing and Maintaining Good Credit
    • Establishing Credit
    • FICO Score
  • Section E: Know the Rules
    • Financial Games
    • Learning the Rules
  • Section F: The Rules are Always Changing
    • Keeping Up with Changes
    • Impacts of Change
Session 3
  • Section A: The Big Picture
    • Introduction
    • Time Value of Money
    • Long Range Planning
  • Section B: The Master Plan
    • Spending Decisions
    • Master Plan Worksheet
    • Retirement Worksheet
    • Retirement Cash Flow Analysis
  • Section C: Organizing Your Finances
    • Steps to New Wealth
    • Getting Organized
    • Organizing Financial Assets
    • Organizing Your Estate
  • Section D: Money in Motion
    • The Most Powerful Principle
    • Turning Your Inventory
    • Using What You Have
Session 4
  • Section A: Understand Taxation
    • Tax Obligations
    • Understanding Taxation
  • Section B: Accumulation Stage
    • Tax Systems
    • Misconceptions
  • Section C: Conservation Stage
    • Assets and Taxes
    • Investment Projections
  • Section D: Distribution Stage
    • Unnecessary Fees
    • Distribution Taxes
    • Taxation Summary
  • Section E: Starting a Home-Based Business
    • Breaking the W-2 Mentality
    • A Home-Based Business Makes 'Cents'
    • Business Ideas
  • Section F: Structuring Your Business
    • Sole Proprietor
    • Partnership
    • C Corporation
    • S Corporation
    • LLC
  • Section G: Running Your Business
    • Business is Business
    • Business Rules
    • Create a Business Plan
    • Act the Part
    • Be Alert
  • Section H: Business Deductions
    • Home Office Deduction
    • Meals
    • Entertainment
    • Conclusion
Session 5
  • Section A: Forecasting Your Future
    • Setting Goals
    • Time and Money
    • Forecasting Savings and Investments
  • Section B: Insurance
    • What Is Insurance?
    • Why Life Insurance?
    • Insurance and Investment Strategy
  • Section C: Retirement
    • Forecasting Retirement Needs
    • The Retirement Worksheet
    • Types of Retirement Plans
    • Leveraging Assets
  • Section D: Managing Your Estate
    • Retirement Cash Flow
    • Estate Planning
    • Asset Schedules
  • Section E: Putting It All Together
    • Creating a Cash Surplus
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