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Excel 2013

Format: Online Training Course

If you are looking to start a career in business or finance, having a working knowledge of Microsoft's Excel 2013 is a must. Our new and exciting course taught by Michael Meskers will teach you how to reveal insights hidden in your data with the help of new features such as Flash fill and Recommended Pivot Table. Learn how to visualize your data to better understand what is really going on with those important numbers with the help of Quick Analysis and Chart Formatting Control. This course will also help you study and prepare to take the Microsoft's Excel 77-420 Certification exam.


  • Learn how to utilize the new Flash Fill Tool, which detects patterns and extracts and enters data after a recognizable pattern is found
  • Learn how to use Recommended Charts, which only shows a subset of chart types that are appropriate to the data you have selected and are working with
  • The new Quick Analysis tool can help you find the best options for working with selected data

Session 1
  • Section A: Introduction
    • Introduction to Excel
    • Excel Interface
    • Templates, Workspace, Quick Access
    • More Commands, Popular Commands
    • Camera Button, Remove Button
    • Ribbon
    • Customize Ribbon
    • Add, Remove, Custom Buttons
  • Section B: Navigating Excel
    • Touch Screen, Document Window
    • Basic Navigation
  • Section C: Shortcuts
    • Esc Key, Undo, Right-Click
    • Three Windows Shortcuts
    • Function Key Shortcuts
    • Ctrl Key Shortcuts
    • Copy, Paste, Print, Select All
    • Select Data Range, Save
    • New Document
    • Alt Key Shortcuts
    • Insert Column, Row, Worksheet
    • Visible Keys
    • Drop-Down, Ribbon
  • Section D: Creating and Manipulating Data
    • Entering Data
    • Auto Fill
    • Expand Data
    • Working with Auto Fill
    • Custom Lists
    • Creating Custom Lists
    • Text Strings
    • Active Cells
    • Grouping Worksheets
    • Ungrouping Worksheets
    • Flash Fill
    • Flash Fill Numbers
    • Column Headings
  • Section E: Managing Worksheets
    • Managing Worksheet, Copy and Move
    • Copy and Move Workbook
    • Rename, Inserting, Deleting Worksheets
  • Section F: Paste Special
    • Windows Copy and Paste Rule
    • Four Steps of Paste Special
    • Quick Multiplication
    • Benefits of Paste Special
    • Format Painter
    • Removing Duplicates
  • Section G: Changing Views
    • Changing Views, Zoom
    • Changing Workbook View
    • Mirror Images
    • Freeze Panes
    • Split the Window
    • Page Layout
    • Custom View
    • View Show
Session 2
  • Section A: Formatting Data
    • Formatting Data, Color, Size
    • Change Sheet, Tab Color, Office Workbook
    • Change Office Themes
    • Backgrounds
    • Watermarks
  • Section B: Modify Cells
    • Modify Cell Alignment, Wrap Text
    • Indentation
    • Merge Cells
    • Apply Number Formats, Special Formats
    • Custom Format
    • Text to WordArt
    • Existing Text to WordArt
  • Section C: Tables
    • Find and Replace
    • Asterisk, Question Mark
    • Sorting
    • Filtering
    • Create Tables
    • Modify Tables
    • Total Rows
    • Define Titles, Go To
    • Remove Duplicates
  • Section D: Text Formulas
    • Working with CONCATENATE
    • Edit Formula
    • Correct Columns
    • Split Cell Contents Apart
    • Convert Formulas to Text
    • Delimiters
    • LEFT
    • RIGHT, MID
    • TRIM
  • Section E: Operations
    • Define Order of Operations
    • Four Most Popular Operators
    • More Operators, CONCATENATE
    • SUM
    • AutoCalculate
    • Formula Auditing
    • Relative, Absolute Cell References
    • Mixed Cell References
Session 3
  • Section A: Totals and Sparklines
    • Totaling Multiple Sheets
    • Working with Totaling Sheets
    • Quick Analysis, Grand Totals
    • Sparkline Graphics
    • Sparkline Tools
    • Incorrect Data
    • Consolidation
    • Hierarchical Outline
  • Section B: Subtotals
    • Using Subtotals, Subtotal Options
    • Selecting Visible Data
  • Section C: VLOOKUP
    • What Is VLOOKUP?
    • VLOOKUP Specifications
    • Name the Range
    • Column Index Number
    • VLOOKUP with Optional Argument
  • Section D: Nested Formulas
    • Using Nested Formulas
    • Absolute Value Formula
    • Nesting a Formula
    • Nested Formula Logic
    • FIND Formula
    • LEFT Formula
    • ROW, COLUMN Formula
  • Section E: Conditional Logic
    • Using Conditional Logic
    • IF Formula
    • Nested IF
    • Maintain Backward Compatibility
    • Text Wrap within Cells
    • Formula Wizard, AND
    • OR
    • NOT
    • SUMIF
    • SUMIFS
Session 4
  • Section A: Excel Financial Formulas
    • Working with Financial Formulas
    • Finding the PMT Formula
    • PMT Function Arguments
    • Goal Seek
    • Solver
    • Solver Reports,
  • Section B: What-If Scenarios
    • Scenario Manager
    • Scenario Reports
    • Introduction to Data Table
    • Quick Analysis Tool
    • Data Table Continued
  • Section C: Charts and Graphs
    • Definitions of Chart Types
    • Intro to Charts, Instant Charts
    • Adding Data to a Chart
    • Modifying and Customizing Charts
    • Graphical Charts
    • Working with Disproportionate Figures
    • Making a Combination Chart
    • Quick Analysis Charts, Move Chart
    • Switch Rows and Columns
    • Add Legend, Quick Layout, Change Colors
    • Resize a Chart
    • Saving a Chart as a Template
Session 5
  • Section A: Advanced Operations
    • Working with Cells
    • Hiding Cells
    • Hiding Worksheets
    • PivotTables
    • PivotTable Layouts
    • Filter Options
    • Updating and Modifying Data
    • Grand Totals
    • Filter Data
    • Slicers
    • Timelines
    • Calculated Fields
    • Calculated Items
  • Section B: Conditional Formatting
    • Conditional Formatting Options
    • Manage Rules
    • Wildcard Characters
    • Top/Bottom Rules
    • Data Bars
    • Color Scales and Icon Sets
    • Alternate Row Shading via Formulas
  • Section C: Data Protection
    • Data Validation and Lists
    • Input Messages and Error Alerts
    • Data Validation Settings
  • Section D: Add Graphics
    • Add Graphics and Insert Comments
    • Insert Text Boxes
    • Insert Images
    • Remove Background
    • Position Objects
    • Insert SmartArt
  • Section E: Excel and the Web
    • Insert a Hyperlink
    • Open Non-Native Files
    • Import Files
    • Open Text File
  • Section F: Saving and Printing
    • Saving Worksheets
    • Document Inspector
    • Save Files to Remote Locations
    • Save Alternate File Formats
    • Print Worksheets
    • Headers and Footers
    • Repeat Headers
    • Set Print Scaling
    • Printing Options
  • Section G: Macros
    • Macro Capabilities
    • Macro Security
    • Options for Recording Macros
    • Shortcuts
    • Network
    • Recording a Macro
    • Test the Macro
    • Assigning a Button to a Macro
    • Shapes and Macros
    • Edit Macros
    • Macro Comment
    • Macro Statements
    • Run the Macro
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