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(AB 1825) Preventing and Managing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A Guide for Supervisors in California

Format: Online Training Course

Sexual harassment and abusive conduct—Bullying—are serious matters. Unfortunately, many people still do not understand exactly what they are. They do not always recognize sexual harassment or workplace bullying in its more subtle forms—or know what to do about it when they do see it.

This course, written in accordance with both federal and California law on sexual harassment and abusive conduct, will help you identify, recognize, and address sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace and establish policies to prevent it.

California Managers, Supervisors, Risk Managers, & Human Resources Professionals




Not Required


120 minutes


To provide supervisory personnel, contractors, and agents of California's private and public employers with mandatory interactive training as required by California's Assembly Bill 1825, including abusive conduct—Workplace Bullying—training required by Assembly Bill 2053, and to provide critical information on how to recognize, prevent, and manage sexual harassment in the workplace in accordance with California (Government Code Sections 12940-12950.1) and federal law.


After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Define sexual harassment as established by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal government agency in charge of the oversight and enforcement of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Distinguish facts from myths about sexual and gender harassment
  • Identify the relevant federal and California anti-discrimination laws that prohibit sexual and gender harassment in the workplace
  • Identify the categories of people protected, "protected categories," under federal and California anti-discrimination laws
  • Define sexual and gender harassment as established by the statutes of the State of California and in accordance with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), the civil rights agency established, in part, to present guidelines and enforcement policy for employment discrimination in California
  • Characterize and distinguish two types of sexual harassment, Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment
  • Identify questionable behaviors to watch for among employees
  • Summarize the individual responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and employees under federal and California law to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • identify the steps companies should take to respond to incidents of sexual harassment in a legally compliant manner
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective policy to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Understand, identify and prevent Abusive Conduct—Bullying—in the workplace.

1. What is Sexual Harassment?
  • Legal Definition
  • Myths and Facts about Sexual Harassment
  • Federal and California Laws on Sexual Harassment
  • Types of Sexual Harassment
  • Consequences of Sexual Harassment
2. Recognizing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Inappropriate Behaviors
  • Consequences
3. Addressing and Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Supervisor’s Responsibilities
  • Employee’s Responsibilities
  • Characteristics of an Effective Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Managing Complaints
4. Case Study
    5. Abusive Conduct (Workplace Bullying)
    • Assembly Bill 2053
    • Understanding Abusive Conduct (Bullying)
    • Examples
    • Dynamics
    • Liability
    • Prevention
    • Discrimination Policy, Including Sexual Harassment
    • Initial Incident Report
    • Notification of FEHA’s Prohibitions against Discrimination and Harassment


    This program has been approved for 2.0 recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. For more information about certification or recertification, visit the HR Certification Institute homepage at

    (The use of this seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of this program. It means that this program has met the HR Certification Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.)


    The Florida Bar's Board of Legal Specialization and Education has accredited this course for 2.50 General Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits. For more information about credit hours, visit the Florida Bar homepage at


    The State Bar of Georgia has accredited this course for 2.0 hours of Regular CLE credits, including 2.0 Ethics credits. For more information about CLE credits, visit The State Bar of Georgia homepage at

    Licenses / Designations / Educational Credits:HRCI
    All US States: 2

    All US States: 2
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