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Course/Product Description

Certified Income Specialist™ (CIS™ )

Format: Self-Study Course

Certified Income Specialist™  (CIS™ )

The Certified Income Specialist (CIS) program will give you the knowledge needed to create a plan designed to provide a steady stream of income to your clients on a regular basis, using conventional as well as unconventional methods. Fixed-income instruments are typically the centerpiece of an income-oriented strategy, but this does not have to be the case, as you will learn while on your way towards becoming a Certified Income Specialist (CIS). Reverse mortgages, covered call writing, and allocated systematic withdrawal plans are just a few ways that can help compliment the overall portfolio.

Our retirement income education materials include detailed attention to bonds, their varieties, forms of security and trading. Because most people understand the ups and downs of the stocks but not bonds, the program details how such volatility can be effectively communicated to clients while instilling peace of mind. Other fixed and variable-rate investment vehicles for retirement income planning are also covered, as well as conservative equity plays such as utilities and target retirement portfolios.

What makes the Certified Income Specialist (CIS) training program from IBF unique is its creative approach to the subject matter. Taxes, practicality and investor psychology are all taken into account. Content is updated throughout the year in order to reflect new trends, studies and analysis. Your clients will appreciate the special knowledge and insight you bring to the table as an CIS™. The strategies offered will help you stand out from your peers and competitors.

Program Format

The CIS™ course, exams, and case study highlight what the practitioner faces daily. Whether you are an accountant, advisor, banker, broker, money manager, or planner, you will reap immediate rewards in return for your commitment of time and study. Because the teaching materials are designed to also be used in your daily practice, each program is updated throughout the year.

Core Structure

  • The CIS program consists of six modules
  • Each module takes 23 hours or less to complete
  • Materials include all study and exam preparation
  • There are three non-cumulative exams and one case study


  • Each exam is based on two modules
  • Each exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions
  • More than one exam can be taken at a time

Case Study

  • A written case study is required
  • The case study is based on a one-page fact pattern provided by IBF
  • The case study answer must be two to five pages


  • Module I – Investment Concepts and Principles
  • Module II – Bond Building Blocks, Convertibles, and Riding the Yield Curve
  • Module III – Retirement Planning and Planning for Death
  • Module IV – Income Taxes, Social Security, and Medicare
  • Module V – Stocks, Utilities, Real Estate, Withdrawal Plans, and Living Benefits
  • Module VI – ETFs, Closed-End Funds, Conservative Options, Stretch IRAs, and Reverse Mortgages

Course Materials

Tuition includes registration, tuition, textbooks, review questions, online practice exams, reference sheets, exams, diploma and shipping (overnight shipping available for additional charge).

Textbooks will be shipped to you within 5-7 business days of your paid registration.

Qualifying to Obtain the Certified Income Specialist (CIS) designation

To view the requirements for the CIS, please click here.

Continuing Education

This program is approved for continuing education (CE) credit to meet a candidate's professional development requirements. Approvals are subject to change, and the student is responsible for confirming the credits approved for a given state or organization.

Licenses / Designations / Educational Credits:CFP
All US States: 15

All US States: 60

Board of Accountancy
California: 60

Arizona: 21
Arkansas: 20
California: 21
Connecticut: 54
DC: 21
Delaware: 21
Georgia: 30
Indiana: 21
Iowa: 18
Kansas: 12
Louisiana: 24
Maine: 60
Maryland: 16
Massachusetts: 17
Michigan: 21
Missouri: 16
Nebraska: 21
New Jersey: 21
New Mexico: 21
Ohio: 21
Oregon: 21
Pennsylvania: 21
Rhode Island: 21
South Carolina: 21
Tennessee: 24
Utah: 12
Virginia: 21
Washington: 24
Wisconsin: 24
About The Provider: This course is developed and fulfilled by The Institute of Business & Finance (IBF). After more than 20 years of experience helping more than 15,000 finance professionals earn designations, IBF has developed effective course materials to help you apply core concepts of estate planning to real-life situations.

When you earn an IBF designation, you will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge that can be conveyed to your clients, boosting your credibility and professionalism. As a student, you will have the flexibility to study whenever you like. The expert faculty and staff at IBF are ready to help you earn your certification today.

Returns Policy
Fees paid, less shipping, miscellaneous fees and non-refundable processing, are refundable within 30 days of enrollment according to the schedule below, provided no exams have been taken. If one exam has been taken, a 50% refund applies. No refunds are given if more than one exam has been taken.

If the student cancels or withdraws within five days of enrollment, IBF shall issue a refund within five days after IBF receives notice of withdrawal and materials. Otherwise, IBF shall issue a refund within 30 days after IBF receives notice of withdrawal and materials.

*Please note: materials must be returned to IBF in perfect re-sellable condition to be considered for a refund. Materials with markings in them will not be considered for a refund.
Price: $1,365.00
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