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Accounting Marketing Program

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Accounting Marketing Program

Looking for a cost-effective way to grow your business? We can help!

Our "Accounting Marketing" program provides proven marketing methods to acquire small business clients with ease so you can start earning higher fees AND have a blueprint to market your practice for years!

Whether you have an established practice that wants to grow or you are a new practice, our marketing system can help you learn how to acquire a steady flow of new business clients with ease.

What You Will Learn:

The program focuses on practice marketing, and provides you with numerous tried-and-true methods for generating more clients and revenue for your firm. With it, you′ll learn how to acquire a steady flow of new business clients with ease, including how to generate more leads using basic marketing principles that go beyond just telemarketing.

Taught by a practicing accountant who uses these exact methods to grow his own successful practice, you′ll learn the secrets to success - and the potential pitfalls so you can avoid costly mistakes!

And not only will our program help grow your business, but you’ll also earn 11 CPE credits (NASBA)!

Learning Objectives:

  • How to use a marketing system for lead generation and client acquisition
  • How to market your services using the internet, direct mail, telemarketing, and referral marketing for lead generation
  • How to generate higher pricing for your services
  • How to become a more effective rainmaker
  • How to avoid costly marketing mistakes
  • How to close prospects with ease
  • How to overcome common objections when you meet with prospective clients
  • How to earn over $250 per hour, without billing hourly
  • How to acquire a steady flow of business clients each month

Covered Topics

Direct Marketing:

  • Does direct mail work in business-to-business marketing?
  • What is target marketing?
  • How to target your message to businesses?
  • Examples of using direct mail to target your message
  • What is most important in direct mail?
  • How to secure prospect lists?
  • What demographic factors are important when ordering lists?
  • How to dramatically improve the “quality” of the lists you rent?
  • How to use direct mail for targeting individual tax prospects?
  • Our direct mail list recommendations
  • Developing effective offers in direct mail
  • Tips to improve your offer, and response…
  • How to approach writing a direct mail letter
  • The sequence of steps for writing a direct mail letter, thereby increasing response rates
  • Sample direct mail campaigns – We provide you with creative/copy so you can implement
  • Should I use a direct mail letter or postcard?
  • The costs of direct mail
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes
  • The system for using direct mail How much? When?

Appointment Setting – Warm Calls, Not Cold Calls:

  • Synchronizing direct mail with appointment setting for greater results/conversion
  • Warm calls versus cold calls
  • Understanding which prospects are worth pursuing and why
  • Three key elements to determine whether a prospect is right for you
  • Code of conduct in today’s world for appointment setting
  • Tracking prospects correctly using the right system
  • What to say on the phone to the owner
  • What to say on the phone to receptionist
  • What to say when voicemail picks up
  • Overcoming objections politely yet motivationally to secure client
  • How to hire an appointment setter and what to expect
  • Most common hurdles to overcome while appointment setting
  • Examples of how to handle appointment setting objections
  • The KISS system for appointment setting – Keep It Simple
  • How to handle callbacks and ticklers
  • Barriers to entry – you don’t have to do this yourself
  • The system for appointment setting

Closing &Pricing Strategies:

  • Process for improving your appointment consultation
  • Process for determining if appointment is worth conducting
  • How to explain the value of your services to a small business owner Even the QuickBooks user!
  • The technique for closing clients It’s easier than you think!!
  • How to identify a prospects profit before meeting them- and why you need this now
  • How to make your closing technique specific to your prospects needs
  • Strategy for closing prospects
  • Using the 3 pronged approach - DSQ
  • Managing prospects – fence sitters, foot draggers and commitment phobias
  • Closing business, after the closing has taken place
  • Should you bill hourly or fixed retainer?
  • Making in excess of $200-$300 per hour, without your client ever knowing
  • How to price QuickBooks users – and make real money!
  • How to use the pricing matrix for simple/understandable pricing
  • Improving collections and cash flow
  • How to address fee objections from current business clients
  • The accounting/tax agreement to use for small business clients
  • Sequence of steps for closing small business clients
  • Demonstration of how to explain your fees - so the small business owner gets it!!
  • What to present to small business clients
  • Key practice management tips designed for your practice to run efficiently, and more profitably
  • Step-by-step chronological guide for closing business - so nothing is missed

Internet Marketing:

  • How the internet can help you develop a “superior” practice
  • Using the internet to develop a niche in your practice
  • Why developing a niche is so important
  • Why internet leads are better than telemarketing leads
  • What your website “must have” and accomplish
  • How your website will act as a “silent salesperson” for your accounting practice
  • How to acquire a consistent flow of new clients from the internet
  • How to pull prospects to your website
  • What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
  • Key steps to getting your website towards the top of the search engines
  • Why “canned” websites are lost on the internet (online brochures) that generate zero leads
  • Best practices for search engine optimization
  • Demonstration of search engine optimized websites
  • Benefits of pay per click advertising And challenges
  • What to do about online yellow page advertising
  • How to secure free exposure on the internet
  • How to capitalize on Craigslist
  • How to close business from the internet
  • What types of prospects should you expect from the internet
  • Why business clients secured via internet marketing are very profitable for you
  • What to say when an internet prospect contacts you
  • How to prepare for inbound internet inquiries so you can be effective when closing
  • How often should you meet with ongoing internet clients
  • Using FTP and portals
  • Why you need to quickly size up 1040 prospects who contact you
  • How to convert the right type of 1040 prospect into a long-term, high yielding client
  • Key pre-drafted templates to use when communicating and closing internet business
  • How to save time using the internet
  • The accounting/tax agreement for internet prospects
  • How to handle business clients below a certain profit threshold
  • The internet marketing system for acquiring new clients

Additional Strategies:

  • Why you must know how to incorporate and form a business for your prospect – an absolute must
  • Overcoming legal ramifications
  • How to pitch this to your prospects
  • Strategic partners to help leverage your time in this area
  • How much to charge – when to get paid (depends on type of prospect/client)
  • Step-by-step guide for how to form a business for your client
  • How to make your existing clients want to refer to you
  • Using easy techniques to gain referrals
  • Sample letters and templates
  • References

Act Today To Develop A Superior Accounting Practice!

  • Delivers leads from higher quality business clients that yield $200 - $300 per hour
  • Enables you to acquire "annuity based" business clients
  • Is not reliant on cold call telemarketing
  • Keeps your headcount and office space to a minimum
  • Runs like a business that is not highly dependent on you doing all the work

Prefer To Learn In Person?

We offer this same course as an in-person seminar where you can learn from and speak to the course instructor.

For details, go to:

About The Provider: At Build Your Firm, we work with all types of accounting firms to help them work smarter, not harder. Our programs and services are designed to help you better utilize marketing for practice development, improve your hourly fee realization, and ultimately improve your firm profitability.

Our clients range from small start-ups to multi-million dollar firms operating in several states. While most of our clients are domestic, some are international in scope. Many have interesting niches and some are hybrid firms providing financial and/or legal services. At the core, all of our clients would like to be more effective utilizing marketing for lead generation, improve their profitability and secure a more balanced lifestyle. That's where we can be of assistance.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with new skills to improve your effectiveness and provide you with more control over your practice and life.
Price: $1,199.00
More Info: Contact Us For More Information
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